Performance Artist

Noted for charismatic performances, Genie experiments with music, movement, dance at open-mic, and spoken events. Writing poetry, meditating and yoga all work in tandem to create the eternal dance of life.

Genie Nakano was born in East Los Angeles, California.   She has a Masters in Dance from UCLA and danced professionally for many years.  


even in my dreams

flight is not easy

my arms beat the air

and heavy legs drag

until the silk veil lifts


Published in Ribbons (Fall, 2010)


Tanoshi Tanka

In 5 lines, tanka is a non-rhyme poem (prose) that expresses a chapter of experience.  Tanka is my "every day."  I always carry a notebook and pen scratching down observations, inner feelings, thoughts, and conversations.  Anything can inspire a tanka.  Romance, familly, even 2am-everything is tanka.


2 am...

time for life to begin

I'm the only one awake

streetlights twinkle

I talk to myself politely



Genie moderates Tanoshi Tanka every third Thursday at the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute and writes for The Rafu Shimpo, a Los Angeles Japanese Daily News.


gentle yoga

Gentle Yoga

     Yoga at your comfort level.  "Com Fort."  Gently move and listen to your body.  Take time, breathe and relax into each pose.  Yoga balances and rejuvenates.  At the end of a gentle yoga class you are refreshed, revitalized and ready!

Genie teaches Gentle Yoga at Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute in California and at her studio for private sessions.